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Hi guys!

I just want to share my expercience. I've had acne since I was eleven, not only on my face, but also very severe on my back. I got very shy, hated going out in public, wore a lot of make-up (which I think a twelve-year old shouldn't be having to do!) and NEVER EVER wore something that showed my back, I didn't go swimming for 8 years!

For my face the solution came when I was 15: I started using a sort of Stymicin (topical antibiotics), but a variation on it that only one pharmacist in Belgium sells. It got rid of my face-acne in a week! Now whenever I get a breakout I use Stymicin and it's gone in about three days!

I tried using it on my back too, but for some reason it didn't work there. I got really depressed, still wasn't able to wear the clothes I wanted, to go swimming. I tried neutrogena Acne Body Wash things, and it didn't help. It only didn't make it worse. When I was 18 and I met my current boyfriend I was sick and tired of it and after 7 years! I decided to go to a dermatologist. She said I had moderate to severe acne and gave me Klinotab: it's like Mynociclin but twice the strength. I had to take these antibiotics for a month: it was a miracle: after a few days everything was gone! Man, I was so happy! Unfortunately the acne came back after two months, so I did another month of Klinotab and ever since I'm totally acne-free, never even get a little zit, and all my redmarks are gone too! I'm almost 20 now, So I've been totally free for a year-and-a-half!

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