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acne breakouts and glycolic peel


im 23 year old gal, and well i am new here,i have been suffering from acne even before i reached my teens :( and well i have been on antibiotics for a very long time- on and off

right now i take doxycycline tablets- almost everyday!! i knwo its bad for health but i would like to know if there is any way i can get rid of acne one and for all in life...

it is very depressing and i have been told awful things by people around me- i just feel suicidal at times and i have absolutely no self esteem thanks to my sick acne n the scars left over by it

i go almost everymonth to get a glycolic peel done- and i have spent so much money on that - with my pocket money

now i got a job and cant afford a resonable treatment... i am anoyed that my acne is never is control- and only after having antibiotics - its "sortof" under control but still i get acne break outs

each time i have a glycolic peel donw - i hope that the scars would reduce but new pimples turn up and leave scars so i keep goin back to get a peel done and its like an endless cycle

ill be going to a new dermatologist on 24th or march and i looke pretty but a friend of mine called me ugly coz i have scars on my face(it is soooo depressing and i feel so low and unloved)

i know i would look pretty without my scars and that wud get me my self confidence

can someone tell me is there is anything i can do please??

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Oh sweetie, I know how you feel, depending on how severe your acne is you may wanna try accutane, it is a catch 22 though, I did two courses of it, and I have been the clearist I have ever been, now when i get like one pimple I freak out, and think that Im going to go into regression, right now I have one on my chin, and one forming on my cheek, and I had a panic attack, I was so clear for so long, and now when I get one it is burned into my head that Im going to get bad again....I know that they are being more strict on isotrotenin (accutane) but isotrotenin goes to the source of the problem and shrinks the sebacous glands, and makes your body produce less oil, sometimes it will re-structure your glands, so you may be oily, but not break out. The best of luck to you sweetie, I know exactly where you are coming from, I thank God that I have someone that loves me, any questions just ask


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Hi moonlit.

Firstly, if your friend called you ugly because of your scars then she is a silly, immature, little girl.

The best thing for you to do right now is to take a look at the Frequently Asked Questions about acne scarring and the various treatments, which you can read here- http://www.acne.org/messageboard/index.php?showtopic=5996

There are a lot of helpful people on this board who can point you in the right direction, but firstly it's sensible to do a bit of research yourself and learn what type of treatments are available, and how they could help you. If you read the FAQ's it'll give you a good run down on what is available.

You can get treatment so there is hope.

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I know how you feel. Antibiotics may help in some way but in the long run, it harms your health. I hate antibiotics because you have to keep increasing the dose and for longer periods of time if they don't work initially. As Brian says, Accutane may be an option but it's like a russian rullet.

Even though my acne is under control , once in a while I get an epidose of breakouts. I've heard that high doses of vitamin b5 help control acne. B5 interacts with your metabolism glands and as a result, it corrects any abnormality. Some studies show that vitamin B5 has the same effect of accutane but with no traumatic side effects. It modifies your sebaceus glands and diminishes oil production. Consequently, it controls acne and improves the appearance of enlarged pores. Use the the search button and you'll find amazing info about vB5. Many people have obtained better results with B5 than Accutane.

Vitamin B5 if better known as Pantothenic Acid and if you use it to control acne, you will need very high doses. It's suggested between 10,000mg and 12,000 mg a day divided in 4 equal doses. Pantothenic Acid is water soluble, meaning "easy in" "easy out". That's why high and equally distributed dose is required. In less than 2 weeks, you will start seeing some results. For example, your face will look less oily. But better results are obtained after 1 month. Once your Acne is cleared up, you should decrease to a "maintanance" dose 1,000 mg- 2,000mg a day.

Regarding scarring treatments, I wish I could help you. That's why me and other thousand people are still on this board. However, there are many veteran members who can help you take better decisions and prevent you from making mistakes. One thing for sure, Scarring is very difficult to treat. And no magical cream, over the counter product or treatment will erase them. The key here is "Improvement" And people evaluate their improvement on many variables. A 10% improvement may mean nothing to some people, but a miracle to others.

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