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before i begin i want to stress that i am NOT saying NOT to take this medication.

let me repeat this...


what i am doing tho is posting a warning so that you and your doctor together can make an informed decision.

I have severe depression and anxiety to the point where i am now under intensive thereapy and medication. Inititally i was prescribed Epival/Depoke Acid and Seroquel to stabalize my mood swings. I wound up stopping them due to seizures which occured in me (apparently this is not common) but i noticed as well that epival/depoke acid caused my skin to break out. As i also have fairly intense OCD/BDD this was a very unfortunate turn of events as it wound up triggering episodes of that as well added to my depression. Quite frankly if the doctor had told me about this (i know now its quite well known) side effect i could explain how that is a HUGE trigger for me and we could have figured something else out.

Epival/Depokte Acid can be a good drug to some people but IF you get severely triggered by pimples with your depression you may want to bring this up and save yourself a whole lot of problems later and you and your doctor can figure something out.

Some people are okay with this side effect because its something they can accept. Me personally it was horrible. I now have about 4 or 5 pimples on my CHEEKS which i have never broken out in. i only used to ever break out on my chin. I confirmed with a doctor that the medication is to blame.

i have since stopped the medication and switched to something else under psychiatric counsel but i wanted to post this warning so people can WITH THEIR DOCTORmake informed medication choices. Often docotors won't mention ALL the side effects. Please know that it is important to ask questions.

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