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Aveeno ultra-calming foaming cleanser

I just wanted to suggest that you try Aveeno ultra-calming foaming cleanser if you haven't given it a shot yet. The first cleanser to really make a positive difference for me was Eucerin Pore Purifying Wash (which I posted about previously). When I used that, I had a significant reduction in acne, and had only a few small pimples at a time. Then I ran out of it and fortuitously came across the Aveeno. I used it for four months and had the clearest skin I've had since I was 12 years old (I'm now 21). I got compliments on how well my skin was clearing up. I ran out of it a few weeks ago and went back to Eucerin, but hurried back to the Aveeno because I started getting a few small pimples again. The Aveeno is still working wonders. I noticed it has no sodium laureth (or lauryl) sulfate listed in the ingredients-- maybe that's why it doesn't break me out. That, and it isn't drying at all.

Sorry for the lengthy description- I guess my point is that if you have dry, sensitive skin that is prone to breakouts, you might benefit from trying Aveeno.

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My derm actually suggested it. I'm guessing he probably had a luch earlier that day with some J&J sales reps, because I can't really see why it's superior to any of the other cleansers I've tried. It's okay I guess, but it seems a little too drying (it's not really a "gentle" cleanser). I do notice that I break out less when I use the Aveeno instead of the Cetaphil Gentle Cleanser, but I'm way more flakey when I use the Aveeno one.

I have't noticed anything calming about it.......

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I'm not saying that this cleanser is the sole reason that I cleared up-- age (coupled with cutting out all products besides cleanser) may have taken care of the bulk of my acne. However, it seems that Aveeno ultra-calming foaming cleanser pushes me over the hurdle from mostly clear skin to completely clear skin.

So I hope I didn't give anybody false hope about this product being a miracle.

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