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I used to have breakouts all over my back that would never go away. Because they were on my back, I never paid them any attention. However a few months ago I was invited to a pool/jacuzzi party and I was horrified when I looked in the mirror at my back. There were pimples and red marks everywhere! I decided that enough was enough and started to treat it. Now, my back is smooth and flawless. Here's what I used:

--Nature's Cure Body Acne Treatment: This can be bought off of drugstore.com. I bought 3 packages of this (around $20 total), and it has completely cleared me up. You take a pill (natural ingredients) in the AM and PM. The spray is medicated with salicylic acid and you simply spray it on your back after your shower.

--Neutrogena Deep Clean Scrub: I started using this facial scrub on my back when I found out that scrubs are harsh on facial skin. It really works to smoothen out the skin on your back and it is very easy to use in the shower! And it feels good too!

Good luck!

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Does this one come with the tablets and the spray, also how long do you have to take the tablets for.?


P.s - all i get when i try and get this item shipped to the UK, is this message,

Due to shipping regulations, we are unable to ship this product internationally. Please remove this product from the cart.


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Yes that's what I used. Each package of Nature's Cure has enough pills for one month's use. The pills themselves taste like sugar pills so it's hardly a pain to take them.

Those shipping restrictions are a bummer.. :dry:

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