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The best/highest quality nutrition

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The quantity of the vitamins, minerals, oils that people normally supplement with isnt the problem, it is the quality of these products. If they are not made from natural ingrediants, and are not made in the correct ratio for them to act as catalysts for each other and not compete for absorption, then the results will not be as they claim to be. I supplement only with one brand for my vitamins, minerals, essential oils, and antioxidants, Body Language Vitamins. This is a private line, developed by a MD who is widely respected in the medical community, does tremendous amounts of work in natural medicine, and has a degree in human nutrition. I know this man personally and his knowledge about alternative cures, homeopathy and such is very thorough. He combines the best of both worlds. All of his supplement are natural, and formulated by him to be more effective and efficient. Also an amazing part of his line is that all of his vitamins as chelated. This increases the absorption and bioavailability tremendously. All this information and much more is available on his site. I use his supplements with great sucess, and i have tried every single company there is to try, i have rosacea and am an avid weight lifter so nutrition is very important to me. www.bodylanguagevitamin.com

the essential oils formula is amazing- it combines flax oil, fish oil, pumpkin seed oil, primrose oil and more to make the ultimate combination.

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