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Easier way to eat healthy

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Hello folks. As we all know, sticking to a healthy diet isn't always easy. However, I've learned that a blender helps in the process of eating healthily. Instead of eating a whole banana, apple, cup of yogurt, blueberries, and milk, (or whatever you want, you can take the milk out if you want, I hear it's not great for acne) just toss it all in the blender and drink it up. It seems to go down a lot faster and tastes much better, in my opinion. You just have to be careful that you don't drink TOO much, because it's easy to do that, and it's the same as eating too much.

Just thought this could help some people, if acne is significantly related to diet! I'm not guarenteeing it by any means, but oh well. If it doesn't help your acne, it'll help the rest of your body.

I got a blender on sale at Kohl's for less than $30. Why buy a $100+ blender?

Good luck!

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This method for getting necessary dietary needs has been discussed many times. We're happy it's working for you.

Also, if it's not necessary to spend $100 for a blender then why pay $30 when you can get one at Wally World or Meijer for what, maybe $12.

On the milk thing. The general consensus is that given research, and studies involving animals and people, the bad milk does for your body outweighs the good. Some poeple drink it and can say for certain it caused a breakout, while some can drink it in large quantites often and have seen no negative results.

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raw food is good though because it takes long to break down thus giving a even flow of energy and nutrients.

blending can give you some quick nutrients but some of it can be lost in the processing and easier to urinate it out the nutrients it will not be sustained like like raw but a quick boost. best time to do it wuld be on the go or in a sports event though raw would be just as good

chewing the food down to like a liquid form is also good for absorbing nutrients. once you put food in your mouth your body is already getting ready for it. so like putting some fatty food in your mouth and taking it out can be very unhealthy

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drink your food and chew your drink... or something like that.

i have a couple smoothies every day. ingredients are usually 1 apple, 1 banana, frozen wild blueberries, frozen organic raspberries, 1/4 cup brazilian bee pollen, 1 raw egg, orange juice, honey, and sometimes a little olive leaf extract or other nutraceutical.

even though its a smoothie, i still chew each mouthful to get my oral enzymes flowing

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