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For my morning use----

Okay, well im using aveeno clear complexion foaming face wash, in the morning, followed by aveen clear complexion mositurizer in teh morning. along with the Natures Cure BP after that.

I take 2 natures cure pills everyday, one in morning, one at night.

For night----

At night i was my face, but i dont use a moisturizer afterwards. I just apply tazorac all over my face, even in spots where there is no acne, because if i find i missed a spot, i usually end up breaking out there!

Important tips---

Don't touch your face. I had such a problem with this, i would put washcloths on it and press to make swelling on zits go down, or something...i used to touch it all the time.

When applying topicals./ moisturizer and using facewash, do it gently, dont rub your skin or press really hard. Put a thin layer on, but dont scrub it vigorously in. ( i think this makes for a LOT less irritation )

If you use hair gel/pommade/ hairspray. I reccomend washing your hair before you go wash your face. Wash hair, then ur face..because..well for me at least..i sweat like a mofo and im naturally oily skinned ( stupid OLIVE skin color my mom gave me lol ). I think it drips down my face..and..ick..it feels gross going to bed like that anywho.

I try to eat right..but i treat myself to Doritos and all that good stuff once in awhile. When i drink water it seems that my face is less red, and irritated. I dont have any problems with dryness anymore, as i used to have major dryness....errr dont apply topicals round the lips...keep it away!...Chapped lips galore with Tazorac at least., if you get it near your lips. After a couple days of not applying it there it will wear off. Also, watch the sensitive area right under your eye, the upper cheek bones. I have problems getting tazorac off...and i used to scrub that area, as well as others, and i would literally rip my skin off while trying to take it off. Be careful, take your time and wash it gently. DO NOT SCRUB!

*shrugs* i dont know..im just saying what has worked for me. Im trying not to look at my face too much. I go check to see if its oily or not, but yeha, other than that i try not to. I think that irritation is definitely one of the major causes of breakouts. We put so much stuff in our skin, and many of us scrub like I did, and it just leads to future breakouts, and more irritation.

Thx for reading!

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