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Freaky Chik

I need help please!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Hey guys how are we all?

Man it feels weird posting.

Let me give you some background information!!!

Over a year and a half ago I stumbled across Acne.org... I ordered the gel.. and I was totally cleared! Was told i had beautiful skin, I looked like a hotty :cool: haha. I would come back here every few months to encourage people, share my story, and offer advice on the gel for any of the newbies.

Then I got a boyfriend, I got lazy.. stopped using the gel as frequently and I began to break out. Which sucked. Then the b/f and I broke up... not because of the acne hahaha... cos he was a jerk :doubt: ... Anyways that was in November. Anyways, I decided I better start using the BP Gel properly again, follow it religously and have beautiful clear skin once again :dance: Soooo I ordered some gel.... to my surprise it was in a lovely new bottle... I followed everyting to the core, as I once did that gave me beautiful skin... and... I continued to break out! It wasn't working anymore!!!!! And I would always find that the gel would sit on top of my face and when I put on my make up (same make up i used when I first started using this stuff) the gel would rub off, go all flakey (wasn't my skin, it was the gel) and it was just horrible. It wasn't working no more!!!!

Soooo... I came back on the site and I discovered that they changed the ingredients, i checked the expiry date and found I had the gel with the more preservatives... It seems everybody struggled with this, but by getting a RED FACE... i did NOT get a red face.. it just wouldn't stay on my face! It would fall off when I put on make up! I looked like crap!!!!!

I just ordered the newest stuff again... will it have the same effect on my face.. when i put the make up on.

I'm over this..

Why can't they have the old stuff again.... I could have been a model hahaha. Nah, not a model but I had such great skin!

Please help.

Love ya :wub:

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hmmm, well the problem might be how when you first start the Regimen, how an initial breakout can be expected sometimes. That may be why you are breaking out, it's like starting all over.

As for the gel flaking off, I just don't know, since the new gel has come out no one has mentioned that happening. Maybe use a bit less and be sure it is smoothed in real good. Alot of us women just use powder or mineral makeup. I can't imagine trying to get a liquid to look normal over all this bp and moisturizer.

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