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Benzaclin vs. Duac

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I'm 18 and had completely clear skin up until I went away to college recently.

For those who have been on Benzaclin or Duac, what were your experiences like?

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i am currently using duac. and let me say...it saved my forhead from certain death from pimples. i used to get cysts, zits, whiteheads, u name it and it was on my forehead. Duac cleared up the breakout i had and it hasn't come back since. i haven't been this clear for this long (going on about one month) in the 3 years i was using proactiv. i've gotten maybe one or two new pimples since then, and they went away so quick....*knock on wood*

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morning - cq10 toner, it's just to get of the dried and flaky duac, then i apply jojaba oil to moisturize, but i'm switching to emu because it works better

at night - cleanse w/ brevoxyl, and moisturize w/ emu oil, let it really sink in to the skin and then i apply duac...

i also had luck w/ aveda toners and moisurizers, but they can get expensive and the emu oil works SO great!!

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Thank for your replies, everyone!

Are you typically supposed to moisturize before applying the Duac/Benzaclin? I always though you cleanse > apply medication > moisturize.

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