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My mum ses when u go on roaccutane/accutane you get a higher cholesteral and have to diminsh to disgard most saturated fats incase of a problem, but i haven't read anywhere about this.... is it true? shud i be watching what i eat carefully?cuz i hav a box of choccies staring me in the face, and im worried if i eat them i may face consequences...

oh wot am i going on about, i mite aswell just go on the low glycemol (or woteva its called) diet, and see if in time tht helps my face n skin

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Your blood lipids (cholesterol and triglycerides) can become elevated, yes. You should limit your overall saturated fat intake anyways, but a little Valentine chocolate won't kill you. :P

Really i wouldn't worry about it too much unless your derm has warned you that your levels are too high.

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OH NO!! I have an appointment tomorrow for blood work and I had a toasted ham and cheese sandwich on texas toast and a side of onion rings today at lunch! I was being SOOOOOOOOO bad, and I totally forgot about the cholesterol thing! I will ask my derm for you and let you know. (That is if I don't have a heart attack between now and 9:15 tomorrow!!

To be continued...

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