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Great Treatments!

OK! So some stuff like proactive really does suck... tried it and it failed.

Here's my story, im 21 years old with low acne (the reason i'm stressing over it is because i'm 21...the teen years are gone and yet acne does not go away.) it's low with just blemishes and some 'dots' but i want it COMPLETELY gone

Here are the results of what i tried

AVON - They have their great stuff called ClearSkin, AVON's products are notoriously known for being 2nd rate and 'cheap'. The system is able to 'control' the breakouts but it will not get rid of the acne itself. If you have sensitive skin STAY AWAY, the system will leave your skin flaky and super dry.

However, the system works great if you can endure 2weeks of dry skin (you seem to get used to it) I would only get the Oil Wash and the Targeted Blesmish Remover. The blemish remover will ZAP the zit while you sleep and you peel it off (some of it) int he morning. It will leave the "closing stretch" mark because it shrinks it soo fast.

Mary Kay - Too weak for a guy, but i was availble to try anything...

Proactive - This system is unique! I talked with a dermatologist who worked for the company and she told me proactive does not work from the outside. It goes down into your skin and pushes everything out (which explains why people have mentioned they got worse after using the system for a while). It worked but you have to get it consistently...very pricy for one...a fortune to maintain a supply.

Ok people, to me...this was the KING for acne control :D

The Melaleuca Company (http://www.melaleuca.com/ps/index.cfm?f=ps.productDetail&pid=2849&sCatId=33)

O...M...G, This was BY FAR the BEST product i have ever used!!! My mom purchased this kit off a representative for me during my high school years. It came in a bag along with a guide to acne removal, and easy to follow instructions on the bottles to see which comes first and which goes last on your face. It works like proactive pushing everything out (you will need to change your pillow cover ever soo often as mentioned in the guide when you purchase it).

This product left my skin with bumps, but near zero to none redness. The reason i stopped using it was because my Melaleuca rep changed jobs from my moms work and i could not find the company until recently. Trust me, using this will make your skin OILY OILY OILY. Which is why they provide a 'Quick Stick' to touch up when in public. (It was gross because after I washed my zit 'popped' 5mins later making it bleed out a crap load of oil)...

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