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I am so sorry you are feeling so down. Are you feeling more down than normal? Is it the acne making you down, or something you cannot put your finger on? I feel it is a little to early to jump to the conclusion that accutane is making you depressed. I am doing a research report at my college determining if there is ANY link in between accutane and depression and I cannot find a single study that found a link. I hope you start feeling better soon! :D

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I am so sorry you are feeling so down. Are you feeling more down than normal? Is it the acne making you down, or something you cannot put your finger on? I feel it is a little to early to jump to the conclusion that accutane is making you depressed. I am doing a research report at my college determining if there is ANY link in between accutane and depression and I cannot find a single study that found a link. I hope you start feeling better soon! :D

acne used to make me feel down and then after starting roaccutance it did the same and i keep on crying a lot more and forget everything, like in the middle of a sentence i can't remember what i'm about to say, although when i get really upset now i don't reallyhave a reason, i just get so wound up at the slightest thing, and feel like such a bad person. I am unsure why though.

Thanx, your really nice and supportive, and very helpful!

:wacko: Day 4 - Awful, cried even more than yesterday! And i didn't think that would have been possible!! Feel really down and actually hate myself. I'm really tempted to put a cloth over all mirrors in my house, and lock myself away until roaccutane works, but then i know that's just being rediculous, but that's unfortuantely how i feel.

Lately ive been upset about something i don't know what of...whcich i need to figure out. Very confusing!


My face looks clearer, still very spotty, but the background skin beyond all th hellish spots, is very clear and looks healthier than it has in a long time! i'm very happy to say!

I'm just really scared about a break out of spots. :(:(:(:(

Was going to write something, but forgot what... that happens alot now. uhm uhm uhm.... was something important i think!

errr maybe il remember in a bit.

God that's gunna be annoying me all night now :wacko::wall:

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hang in there :) and im sure u will be happy with the results. as for feeling sad i was the same way, but i dont think it was the accutane that did it, i think just by remembering to take the pill everyday u think about your acne and how "bad" u think it is, even if it isnt bad at all. just try not to focus on it too much, stay away from the mirror, find something u enjoy doing to take ur mind off it

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Day Four

My crying is worse, but i guess it'll only settle down.

Not touching or looking at my face anymore, have even resulted to wearing gloves ALL thetime so that i don't toch and pick at my face or back

Don't want anyone to see me, too hard because i know what they'll be thinking

Can see bit more improvement, my background skin looks clearer and more like a normal persons skin background, except i still have hideous spots coving it. Hmph - can never win!

thanx for ur support guys xx muchly appreciated

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I know what you mean about not wanting anyone to see you. Despite being embarrassed about my problem, I told all of my friends about my Accutane decision and they have been fairly supportive. I just want to say to them: "Don't look at me!!!! (until I get better)" =) I wish I could just stay in my house for the next six months. Nah, that would be too boring...

Good luck, and keep us posted. I hope things get better for you.

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Hey there Liv,

Thanks for stopping ny my journal and for your kind words. Just try to remember them for yourself, too!

I felt pretty rotten when I started on Roaccutane and they do say it can affect your mood, so if you are still feeling much worse than usual, it might be worth having a chat to your derm about it. Perhaps they could start you on a lower dose and let your body get used to it more slowly? I started on a really low dose for my weight and it has helped keep the side effects to a minimum. Don't keep it to yourself, call your derm and talk about it. They will be totally used to this and won't mind at all. They're there to help and support you, not just to make the spots go away :) But at the same time, don't worry about having a good cry if it helps! Hell, I cry most days, even at adverts! Hehe.

Try to focus on why you are doing this and how great it will be to be clear at the end of it. It's tough now, but there's hope for the future, which is always something to be glad about..

Much love and luck,

BettyCherry xxx

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Call your derm right away and talk to them about it. It's better to ask the question than to just wait and see. Call them right away and tell them how you are feeling and they will be able to help and reassure you. It's really, really important that you do this. All the literature about Accutane says that if you are feeling depressed, call your derm right away. It doesn't matter if you're not sure that it's depression. Just call them and let them decide! Haha, I know I sound like your mom, but I don't care!

Make sure you call them, and the very best of luck sweetie,

BettyCherry xxx

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Great day today, been with Pete and spent lovely Valentines together. Was really special. Haven't cried once!! And now going to bed, so yay!

Effects: had drier lips today and my face felt really tight and itchy. I was determined not to itch though! On came my gloves!!

im now starting the eat no dairy, additives, no saturated fats etc and obviously meat but i already cover that being a strict vegetarian! wish me luck, cuz hopefully it'll make me look healthier nad have impact on my skin! xx

spoke too soon, face looks like HELL AGAIN! do any of you get like bright ORANGE spots? this is crazy!!

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Good luck Liv, hope the new diet helps you alot! Nick x x

Thnx ur so sweet Nick, shame though i've already cheated.... Not much though, just a couple cerial bars.... But no dairy! Whahey!

Today had been. uhm. Eventful! I went to town and didn't have any abuse shouted at me or my acne!! OMGAD!

Lol, and i had my hair cut, ALOT! :dance:

Like 30cm off lol, and to think i still got quite a bit, though it goes to my shoulders now, its SOOOO cute when i wear pig tails! lol

Face is a wreck today, though when isn't it.... i do see some improvement... not my my chest though! They've gone really red and kinda itchy there :s

AAH well... back to gloves, hopefully i wont torment and itch then they'll go by school....


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Day 11 in the big brother house.... ok Day 11 with in the Roaccutane hell hole

Hey, uhm face looks improved, sort of... Well i'm a lot drier! Lips are getting to the stage of wanting to crack, but am i letting them? NO! Vaseline! Face is dry but i guess thats good because all the old spots are starting to scab off....

Except the new ones that are forming! The 14 of them!! Yet i'm doing the 48 hours no picking challenge again so hoping theyl go or atleast have died down by school tomoro morning.... Would hate to go back to a new term spotty as ever!

But seems like i'll have no choice..

Ah wellz

Im now a Vegan seeing if that diet will have any effect on my acne, hope it will improve it

Please write, i always like to hear from you guys! How are you all doing on your Roaccutane program?

Hey there, you will be fine, if I were you just don't worry about it to much. My acne started at 13 and to this day I still have some of it left, I am 18. I don't let it affect me though, your a very pretty girl, don't let this affect you! Remember that you are in control of your emotions and how you feel, don't let anything else control them.

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Hi, how's it going? I've been reading your log as I'm a fellow UK'er. Sounds like you're doing better now and I'm really pleased for you.

I've had a really shitty couple of days. I'm a few days behind you and I'm still right in the middle of the initial breakout. I'm looking super nasty! How is your breakout going? Sounds like it's calming down for you so you're my inspiration at the moment!

Good on you for getting rid of your boyfriend. If he isn't supporting you, you're better off without him. Keep yourself surrounded with positive stuff. As for the moisturiser, if your skin is really dry then make sure you moisturise - it won't slow or hinder the accutane or the healing process. If your skin is really dry, it needs moisture and you'll do more damage by not moisturising.

Anyway, good luck and keep posting as I'm reading! Don't let yourself get down and remember it'll all be over soon and you'll probably be the clearest skinned person at school just as everyone else starts suffering. I do sympathise though as I've had periods of feeling so low about my skin it's not true so feel free to message me if you need someone to unload off on.

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initial breakout has arrived, hiphiphooray. Back with boyfriend, not sure if thts god or bad but well see. Hes already started snapping, but im set to make us happen and work cuz i love him.

Lips VERY dry

dont wana talk cuz got relli AWFUL thing on my mind i need to figure out. Is VERY bad and scary

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Hi Liv :angel:

I've just been reading your log and I really feel for you. It sounds like you've got alot of crappy things going on at the moment. Just try your best not to let them get to you (alot easier said than done, I know). But maybe it's a good thing that you've finished with your boyfriend because when the Roaccutane does it's job (which it will) you'll have loads of confidence and be so happy. It'll be like a new start and just as you're getting rid of the crappy spots get rid of the crappy boyf too for your new life to start. I'm seeing the four months i'm on Roaccutane as a complete transformation period so i'll have clear skin, new job, drastic hair change and meet the man of my dreams! So try to think positive chick. You're on your way to beautiful skin.

I had a similar experience as you. One of the seven year old that I work with asked why I had lots of spots with a smirk on his stupid little face. Little shit! Makes you feel terrible doesn't it.

Oh and by the way i'm on day 8 so a bit behind you. I'll be following you log. Remember hon keep smiling :D:D:D:D

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