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Small bumps/spots? Cant understand it..

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Ive been on the regimen for months now. Has given me some very good results. Just when I start to think im on the straight and narrow (started using dans gel/cetaphil/eucerin) and going well ive suddenly started getting these bumps, they are painless and skin coloured to start with, last ages and are under the skin and can be popped later on. They are not cysts, I know that. Anyone else had this? what could it be? what can I do?


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they are possibly just zits that have been forming for a while. it is nearly impossible for BP to cause that. my guess is that they will be gone within a few weeks, and for good. if not, i'd say it was due to hormones. sometimes im smooth skinned for a week and over 2 days i have like 3 huge red zits.

are you following the regimen carefully? if you are anything more than gentle, it can irritate your postules under your skin and cause an infection to form, which eventually rises up. be as gentle as possible with washing, the BP, AND the moisturizer. that is very important, believe me.

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I would say im following it carfully yes. Its just a little strange, I have never had anything like it before. They are completely painless and arnt red atall.

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