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Guest blackheadben

i am probably switching back to proactiv

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Guest blackheadben

I used Proactiv for years but never felt completely clear. It took away all my cyst and pimples but left me with hard bumps under my skin that would occasionally erupt and heal. I felt like this wasn't clear enough, so I started the regimen from this website. And man oh man did my skin look great!! Then it happened, the ingredient change in the BP gel. It makes my skin so inflamed and swollen that even a pea sized amount at night will cause massive redness and irritation. At first, I was like, "okay Ben, just give it a few weeks and you wil adjust to the new ingredients." This hasn't happened. So, I started to use it just at night, my skin couldn't be this red during the day. Well, my skin has been regularly breaking out in huge pustules (almost cysts) since. Then last night came, I put on my BP gel as usual and my mom saw me and gasped: My face was the reddest it has ever been, it felt hot and looked puffy. <<quick!! take some benadryl!!>> I guess I am allergic to the new BP gel's preservatives. It is a little sad because at first I had smooth skin, no bumps at all, but know, I wish I was back on Proactiv and had bumps beneath my skin. My mom says all I have to do is say I want to and I can through all my regimen supplies away (excluding any and all moisturizers and/or clay masks :):):) ) and go back to Proactiv. I just wish the ingredient list hadn't changed for the BP gel, it is, or was, my favorite acne treatment regimen.

I'm pretty sure I am allergic to the BP gel perservatives and not the BP itself, because my first day with the new gel i turned red, red-red.

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Well why not change BP creme?

You're using Dan's BP Gel, yeah?

I am in Australia, so i can't obtain all the other BP's,

but i have no tried Dan's.

But anyways - i use Proactiv's BP creme?

With other cleansers and moisturisers?

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