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First Day Of The Rest of my Life....HOPEFULLY!!!!

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Hi, my name is Christie and I am starting the CSR regimen today. I just got my BP in the mail about two hours ago. I washed my hands, then my face with the Cetaphil Cleanser for sensitive skin. I waited for 15 mins and then washed my hands again. I applied only the reccomended dose of BP for the first time. I didnt have any clumping or anything like that. I let that dry for 15 mins while surfing the acne.org website. I didnt even look at my face for that 15 mins, then I washed my hands again and applied 5 pumps of the Cetaphil Mosturizer with spf 15. I noticed before I applied it that my face was a little red. I cleaned my mirror..lol..just to make sure I was seeing the right thing. I can only hope that iI dont get the worst effects that I can possibly have. :wacko: ...Anyway we will see how this thing goes. I dont have severe acne, but my biggest thing is picking my face. I have vowed to no longer do this because I want this to work and finally be free of my acne. I wont have to be embarassed to go out in public. :dance: , and my kids wont have to be embarassed of me either. Thank you Dan, even if this doesnt work, you have cleared up a lot of the myths associated with acne. You should be given an award..lol.

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