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who here breaks out around their mouth?

i started the regimen about a wk ago.. most of my face has had noticable improvement! but still around my mouth, i get some right on/next to my lips. they are cold sore type one's, they arent like the ones on the rest of my face it seems. any1 else have/had this going on and what is there to do about these type?

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Oh, I know it sucks. I get them there too. They are always right on my chin on the skin next to my mouth. They start out as little bumps that sort-of itch and then the explode into one big super pimple. They seem to come and go in spurts, but they take forever to heal! I just started the regimen a few days ago, so we'll see if it helps with them. Someone had told me in the past to take the vitamin, Lysine. I take two tablets in the morning and two in the evening once I feel a coldsore coming on. It sort-of helps. Also, I bought Abreva (it's a ripoff in my opinion because you don't get much at all and it is expensive).

Good luck.

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If the spots are coldsores then lysine is helpful. Bobbi45 reccommended it to me, and you can get like a 100 tablets for three dollars at the store. I think Bobbi said she takes it everyday but I just take it whenever I feel a coldsore coming, and I usually try to take three at each meal. The coldsore came and went in two days! Also, lysine is found in all topical coldsore medications so you can also crush one of the tablets and mix it in with some non-clogging substance and apply to your coldsore. I also did a test to see if BP helps with coldsores, and I think it does.

But are you sure it is a cold sore, or just a zit? Lip zits are annoying. I am not sure what causes these, or how to control them.

Also, uhm.. have you had these spots before the regimen? Some chick started a topic in the BP gel section that said the skin right around her lips was so sensitive the BP caused bumps. Is this the same problem for you maybe?

aright thx i'll try the lysine i guess.. yeah they're def cold-sore type things..yeah i had them before the regimen..i stopped taking bactrim about a month ago because of the side effects, i was on it for 2 years, now im back to the beginning with acne..yes i used to get them before the bactrim too.. the regimen has seemed to help out the rest of my face pretty well so far but still gettin these cold sore things around my mouth gr

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