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I have been breaking out reallly bad for the last 3-4 wks and i couldnt take it anymore so i bought this johnson and johnson 10% ben. per. cleanser for my face and i had a horrible, horrible reaction to it. i got scaly dry, flaky, irritated and red patches all over my face. on top of that, it is sooo dry that i couldnt even keep lotion or any type of cream or aloe on it--it just soaked it up. (it also made my dark spots look like craters..they are worse now and it seems i have developed a less elastic in my skin since the dryness--there are wrinkles now too) i called a few dermatologists...only to find that without health ins, it would cost more than $300 just to be seen and get a prescription. i decided to go with a estetician instead...i picked a skin spa place where the lady has been a nurse for 13 yrs. She started a bunch of facial wraps, etc, and gave me some sample moist. and things i could use to help etc. as part of a new regime. well, i left feeling better, but my face is sooooooo overly dry now, i cant even smile. (it hurts to that bad) it feels like when your lips are chapped and you need chapstick right before your lip cracks. that is exactly how my face feels right around my mouth area. anyway, i decided to wash my face with my new cleanser the nurse prescribed me and it is stilll way too dry. I dont know what to do! im going to call her tomrrow, but what about for my misery today?

is cetaphyl moisterizer good enough for my condition? most moist. just make me break out even more-so i want to be careful. i use to use cocoa butter lotion on my face and strangly enough, i never broke out from it. (i was scolded for this when i told the nurse) But it just isnt strong enough for the scaly skin. HELP!!!!!!!!

****also, anyone else go to the spa places and get chemical peels/washes, facials, or anything else for acne treatment? i have had a chem. peel once and it obviously didnt do what it was suppose to for $200! now this nurse wants me to do the chem. washes and im concerned if it is just a waste of my money. (i spent over $100 today on the facial and cleanser alone!!) she gave me tons of samples, but thats alotta money. anyone have any similar experienceS???

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stop using bp or anytype of acne products for a while because they are too harsh... i suggest you use purpose facial wash alone. let the irritation subside... maybe a gentle moisturizer... im currently goin through a similar breakout... its been over a week and im finally gettin back to normal...

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