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READ ! Im going to a Derm today

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Finally im going to a derm today , waited 3 frikin weeks for this appointment cause their was nothing any sooner, im kinda excited and nervous, im excited cause who knows what the doctor will give me for my acne ,maybe she can help me become clear, on the other hand i am a little nervous ,cause for the first time in 5 years im gonna go out without wearing coverup, i look like shit, but what am i suppose to do , i cant go to the derm with make up, i want her to see how bad it is so she can give me some stong stuff lol.guys wish me good luck , when i get back,i'll let you all know what happened.

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I not to long ago went to a derm and my appointments sucked both times so i hope your turns out better than mine. I'm currently changing my derm. It was the first time in years I had went outside without wearing makeup I was sooo nervous but when I got there my derm. had a sink to wash off your makeup in I felt like man what a waste! but I hope you have a good first time GOOD LUCK! :(

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i know i am not in a position to bark at derms, but seriously i think from all medical branches that exist these group of people are the most disappointing and clueless medical professionals i have encountered. i give u an example. one of derms i met two years ago ( i was new to the whole acne thing) told me to wash my face with 10% bp bar twice a day and then use parsa gel (10% bp). i did this and the first week i burned my skin. then she told me that this means my skin is too sensetive for bp and i should put it aside :-s back then i did not know any better but she did not even take into consideration that the regimen she had proposed to might have been too harsh, and this did not mean that i am allergic to bp. and many more examples of advices that i must say if i had not been given i would have been better off now.

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