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I would like to share with anybody here on the board, who are fighting hard against Acne. Virtually I am long-term Acne sufferer since I was at 18 (in college), until one year ago, I still had mild acne on the face, but most of them are papules, sometime even nodules, it is painful and embarrassed at my age (I am 44 now). After trying a lots of products on the market, none of them gave me any help, the scaring on back and dents on the face occur gradually. Until one year ago, when saw my son (14 year old) starting grow pimples on his face, I realized that I have to do something to deal with this problem before situation getting worse as I do. I am working at NIH for medical research for more than 10 years, according to my medical background (I am MD), I realized that none of any regimen works really well to against acne!! Before making any conclusion on current market products, I would like to explain briefly the causes of acne:

1. At puberty or older, sebaceous hyperplasia and subsequent induction of comedones;

2. Skin getting thicker after consistently oil skin and dead skin stay (thicker stratum corneum) in which comedones formed easily;

3. P. acne which colonized at pilosebaceous unit naturally, it will grow to cause infection if greasing stuff exist as their nutrition;

Unfortunately, the medicine on the market is only work against one of them above, for example:

1. β-Hydroxy Acid (Salicylic Acid): is best known of the keratolytic agent, which acts on the stratum corneum producing a dissolution of the intercellular cement. Essentially, by dissolving adhesions between cells in the upper layers of the skin, this acid induce shedding of dry scales from the skin surface in an exfoliative-like fashion. (It is against 2nd above).

2. α-Hydroxy Acids (AHA): is made up of different compounds with application for the treatment of several dermatoses. Basically same as β-Hydroxy Acid;

3. Benzoyl Peroxide (BP): is mild keratolytic agent and decreases colonization of P. acnes. (It is against 2nd and 3rd above).

4. Retinoid (Tretinoin, Adapalene, Tazarotene, Accutane-isotretinoin etc.): Are most effective anticomedonal agents available. It normalized the keratinization process within the hair follicle and prevents formation of comedones. (It is against 1st above).

5. Antibiotics (Clindamycin, erythromycin, and sodium sulfacetamide): decrease the concentration of P. acnes in the follicle and ultimately have an anti-inflammatory effect as well. (It is against 3rd above).

In the summary, all above medicine only treat one or two of the problems, logically and theoretically we could conclude BP is best choice because it can fight against two causes with mild side effects; but reality is that it is only could treat mild acne successfully at around 50% (0 to 10 acnes on the face is count as cured as some clinic reports). The reason is because it can’t specifically remove comedo which is the basic and initial cause of acne!!

In addition, the side effects are severe in some cases as reporting from clinic. For example, Accutane, as my observation, is most dangerous to the user because of the side effects; one of them is dry mouth and joint, isotretinoin does not just decreasing secretion of sebeum , but also effecting on mouth and joint; if you are active person, it probably would hurt you joint at knee, fingers joint as some people complained. Another serious problem is that it could cause the depression as some clinical report.

My strategy for treating acne is to find one material which is of the functions against three acne causes showing above. Based on these observations, I prepared one solution, I called it as AT solution, successfully one year ago. The material I used to make this solution is one kind of natural Chinese herb; actually it has been used by most people somehow, just didn’t realize by people. So far it is safe and no any side effects to me at 44, my wife at 43 and my son at 14. I have taken almost one year to modify the concentration and adjust pH etc. From experience on my son, he just needs use once per week in the summer, biweekly in the winter. For my skin condition, I have to use thee times per week, I am acne free now. I feel sorry that I don’t have photos to show the comparison here since I didn’t realize it will be so successful. The basic procedure is briefly below:

1. Washing the face or suffering part with regular soap to remove any grease from skin;

2. Dilute 1 to 5 ml of AT1 and AT2 solution each into 2 gallons warm water;

3. Wet suffering parts of the skin into solution;

4. Rub skin by towel wetting with solution repeatedly;

5. Washing away with clean water.

Total time is around 20 minutes.

The main function of the active component in the solution is as followed:

1. Dissolving small comedones which you couldn’t see by eyes, it is initial and basic cause of acne, it works more efficiently when water temperature is above 30 °C;

2. Normalizing stratum corneum (upper layer skin) by removing dead skin and debris etc. but not peeling skin like benzoyl peroxide, or salicylic acid;

3. Killing the skin bacteria and fungi.

After treating, mild acne, like open comedones, blackhead acne, will be clean very quickly, (in two weeks to four weeks) depends on your skin condition. But for the nodules (cysts), it will take probably two or more months to clean.

If anybody would like to try it, I could send it out for free. I am biomedical scientist, but not businessman here; I just want acne sufferers to share my home-made product with successful experience. Accidentally I found out this forum last week when I was on vocation at home and surfed on the internet for acne topic, I was surprised by the so many acne sufferers who are working hard against it.

By the way, my AT solution is not just for treating acne, it can smooth skin also, which means exfoliating fashion effect.

Good luck and Happy New Year.

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I'd be interested in knowing more about the product before I put it on my skin. Only telling us that it's derived from "A Chinese herb" doesn't really speak to much in your favor. What herb, how the chemical is isolated. It's makeup and function would be pretty vital knowledge before I'd go putting anything on my skin.

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i'm intrigued by the post but frankly because theres no spacing between the points i can't read it, could you possibly edit it to space out the info so its easier to read? my eyesight isn't the best but i'd like to see what you have to say!

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yes, how about a web site for the info. Like others I couldn't read it very well, I would love to be able to treat once a week or bi weekly or whatever. Also can you get this stuff on the internet or at a health food store?

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