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GREAT WEBSITE for fidning healthy anti acne diet

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If ur looking for a great website to find a anti ance diet and great nutritional informtion please visit www.worldshealthiestfoods.com, this is the best website i have ever been to, this site will not only help u cure ur acne but it will help u become overall a much healthier person. It explins all the essiantil nutrients ur body needs, and diseases that comes from nutrient diffecientcies. For example it states that lack of vitc, a , e, b6, selenium, chromium, and zink are linked to acne. Almost everyone is chromium dificient because the only foods its in are lettic, toamtoe and onions and not much are in those. Chromium controlls blood sugar preventing acne and diabetes and many other things. Anyway the site is great it even list which foods have which nutrients and how much nutrients are in the foods, last but not least it dosnt just say this is healthy or that is healthy it actually EXPLAINS in DEPTH why the food is healthy AND the safty issues with each food not to mention it explains vit and min supplients ETCCC.... Click on essisntial nutrients on teh site to check what ur lacking in and then click on worlds healthiest foods to see what u need to start eating.This is hands down best site ever ENJOY

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You're the man! Thanks so much for sharing :D

FUcking great site idd, ive been looking for a site like this for a year :P

damn im gonna copy paste the whole site to my hard disk :P

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