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HELP!! GLYCERINE MINI PEEL (30%) - Can i use it on friday, and be able to go to school on monday with out a red, itchy, peeling face??

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sorry, bad speller, most of the title was probably spelt wrong.. oh well.please help! im going to australia, and going to a new school and stuff and i really dont want to turn up as the "new red peeling pizza faced girl!" also, i was wondering.... does anyone here have a bf who doesnt care about the acne??? i ALWAYS have to wear makeup around my boys or the look at me really weird...

oh and also, how well does this minpeel even work? i have alot of scarring on my cheeks and chin, about 30-40 scars in total. actually, i found out theyre not actually scars, theyre like 'red marks left after acne'. i really dont know much about this, my sister ordered the peel for me. i usually just clease with clean n clear continuous control acne clenser, tone with garnier pureA toner with pore purifying astrigents, and moisturise in the moring with garnier pureA daily moisturiser, and at night with garnier pureA night treatment gel. these have been working really well for me, and i dont actually have any acne at the moment, just ALOT or red marks/scars whatever they are!

but the main thing i want to know, is if i do the peel on friday night, what will my face look like on monday? could i wear makeup? or will it be too dry and peeling? does it go really red? and will it be safe to use over any pimples that may come up? thanks guys, oh btw, im new, so i hope i get replies!! thanks for all yous help!!!!! ciao xoXox

oh an i just realised i never finished the middle paragraph!!

will the marks go away totally, are they left faded, or what? please tell me ur results or whateva! thanks!

ciao xoXox

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