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Well, I've been taking B5 for over a month now, and I have seen a little improvement. My skin is still a little oily though. They say it can take up to 3 months before you see anything. Everyone is different though. I have seen a little reduction in acne as well, but not that much. I've never heard of this brand of B5. I would recommend checking out www.vilantae.com. They will refund up to 3 bottles, plus $50! You can't wrong. Their formula is better too. It's worth trying B5 to see if your body responds to it. Give it a shot. Good luck.

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guys i just found this product so pelase check it out and let me know if it's worth buying or not?


Please read the site to get good info.

A lot of people do have some success with B5. I'm taking it myself...day #4, so it's still to early to really have an opinion on it.

Personally, I wouldn't order it from an acne site. It tends to be more expensive...

1 single bottle from that site is $12.95 and it comes with 100 caplets, each one is 500mg. That works out to be .26 cents per gram. The dose recommended on that site is 3g a day - but the study they quote had people taking as much as 10g per day. 10g * .26 = $2.60 - EACH DAY. Even at 5g - that's $1.30 a day or $39 dollars a month.

I didn't really shop around too much - but this is what I ordered: http://www.bodybuilding.com/store/now/pan.html

1 bottle from that site comes with 250 caplets, each one is 500mg and it's $10.45. That works out to .0836 cents per gram. If you take 5g each day it will cost you 41 cents each day. So instead of paying $1.30 you could be paying .41 cents. At the end of your first month, instead of paying $39 dollars, you would pay $12.54.

Just my opinion, maybe the acne brands work better. That villiante stuff is way more expensive than either, from what I understand.

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The problem with buying B5 from vitamin stores is that they don't put in the extra vitamins that you need while taking B5. The B5 I'm taking has biotin, which is a must unless you want your hair falling out. It also has zinc, and lots of other ingredients that you would have to pay extra for anyway. Just be careful of which B5 you buy. Go for quality, not quanity.

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