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Hey, sorry this question is not (I think) acne related, but it is skin related. So I noticed this weird little bump thing on my lip a few days ago. It is skin colored (i.e. the same color of my lip) and pretty small. I'm wondering if it is natural, or a skin tag or a wart or what? It doesn't look like warts I have had on my feet/hand, it's kinda flat and came on pretty fast. Any idears? If it doesn't clear up in a few weeks or if it gets bigger I'm going to have it checked out.

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ok I had something I think like this, but I still don't know what it was. It was like a small whitehead on the "vermillion crease" that's an actual name for the line between face & lip. But it just got red, subsided a bit, then it peeled for like 2 WEEKS!! I thought I had herpes or something, but there was not scab, infection, pain etc. just a peely red bump. gross. Honestly I just used a lot of Burt's Bees lip balm and now the bump is gone but I still have a red mark & occasional peeling.

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maybe a cold sore? or maybe you put something on your lips that you are allergic too? have you tried putting anything on it to see if it goes away?

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Naw, I know it isn't herpes. I've had a cold sore on my lip a long time ago and I remember exactly what if felt like. This is so tiny you can hardly see it, but I can feel it with my tongue. It is painless. Hopefully it will just go away. I just hope it isn't a wart or something viral. Yuck! I use a really good lip balm (called me me me, awsome stuff) maybe if I use it more regularly it will go away. I will keep yall posted. Thanks for the suggestions.

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