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hi, i am a 21yr old female (about 138lbs) and i have had persitant acne since i was about 11. i started seeing the dermo around the 6th grade and that didn't really do much. i think the acne came and went at that age due to hormones and getting first periods and such. anyhow, as i entered high school it got pretty bad - nothing like some of the cases that i have seen but for a girl with an extermely low self esteem having a red and bumpy face was the last thing that i wanted.

my mom took me to another dermo who kept telling me that there was nothing at all to wory about and that it wasn't that bad. eventually i stopped going to school and got really depressed. the low self esteem mixed with other things made me attempt suicide because i felt that i could never be "pretty".

eventually i saw a regualr doctor who put me on tetracycline, and than minocyline and than birth control pills. i have also had glycolic acid peels which only work for a few days and it takes to long to recover from one. finally she put me on accutane which worked great for the last few months of the program and shortly after i stopped taking it everything came back. that was over a year ago.

just recently i stopped taking birth control, within the last few months, because it was causing me a act all sorts of crazy - not to mention the weight gain and "spot bleeding". i also started taking vitamins and minerals designed for the hair, skin and nails along with a multi-vitamin and that doesn't seem to be working.

i tried proactiv for about 2 weeks and stopped because it made me break out even more and made my skin very greasy. i am back to using md forte glycare cleanser, glycare lotion II and perfection gel in the am and glycare cleaser and md formations benzoyl peroxide 10 at night, with the occasional need for eucerin alpha hydroxy lotion. this is a rather pricey routine and has no long term affect.

basically i am wondering what type of success stories you have had with other otc products that don't cause a bigger break out before it gets better.

i want to live my life but i just can't seem to get past this fear. i know it seem svery superficial to be so scared but i just feel like i am lower than everyone else when i look like this and i know that i need to fight this problem from the inside before it gets better but i am just hoping that i can find a way to put the outer problem at bay without spending a fortune and causing more break outs in the process.

thank you for reading.

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