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How do scars diminish or fade?

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you know how your scars look better when you use your fingers to stretch them? are acne scars suppose to fade like that, by stretching (thus larger surface area, but less deep)? or are they suppose to remain the same surface area, but only get sanded off eventually?

or does it depend on what u do with it, i.e- microderm, acid peel, etc.

thanks in advance.

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Depends.... Some scars are held down at the bottom by a little piece of skin, breaking that piece of skin lets them un-indent. Scars not held down at the bottom, I think are either sand papered or experience skin growth.

But dont quote me on what I said.

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Collagen can take up to 10 years to remodel itself, so really you can't judge a scar completely until after complete healing has occurred.

I have a scar that has improved 20% in the last 6 months and i have done nothing to treat it. It is 5.5 years old. I think it could heal another 20% or so by the 10 year period, but i am not willing to wait that long. Also you start losing collagen in your 30s or something so it could look worse as i get older.

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