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I guess the people who do post on this message know alot.

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I finally found the derm i was looking for in australia. His name is doctor Grej Goodman and he practices in Toorak-Melbourne.

I just saw him for the first time yesterday and he suggested that I first wait 2 months to get the Halaform filler that was injected into my scars to dissolve and then he would do a combination of Needling(which he called Skin Rolling), Subsicion and Blood Fusion(transferring my own blood into my scars so that they form a clot which would also stimulate clooagen growth)all in the same session, expected downtime 5days to a week though i would take 2 weeks off. After this he would if needed do the Smoothbeam(Yes Smoothbeam is avaliable in Australia). Finally when I am happy with my apperance he would for once and for all put me on accutane so that I dont get the once a month cystic acne that i do sometimes.

Now its time for me to be patient and also hope that in these 2-3 months the Halaform filler that was injected into my scars two and a half weeks back dissolves completely so that the doc knows what exactly he is treating. Any ideas on how to accelerate this??

I really wanted to thank all the people who post messages on this board as it really gives alot of information for new comers like me and atleast find the correct treatment for us.I will make it a point to get before and after pics and post them here once I get the treatments done in about 2-3 months time. Till then keep up the good work. Thanks for making me feel that I am NOT ALONE.


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I was inspired to do something about my scarring, back in 2000, when i read Dr Goodman's article:


I had an inkling that smoothbeam was offered in Australia when somebody from Scanmedics emailed me but they didn't actually say what city offered it or whether it was available here. A derm i went to even said isologen was offered here to but i'm still looking into that. Dr Goodman offering needling again just shows the growing popularity of needling within the dermatological medical society. Good luck with the treatment!

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