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uncle buck

Does this work?

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It seems a bit extreme, have you read all the rules?

9 meals a day, and all the other stuff about how blending a banana can heat it at the molecular level causing acne. Never heard that before. I suppose the only thing you can do is try it, if you are desperate enough, it's probably better then accutane. 8-[

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Yeah i read all the rules, and it sounds very extreme, im only willing to give it a try if.... actually im not sure yet :evil:

Ive just got a few more breakouts today and im sick of it, so i just might end up trying this.

*shrugs shoulders*

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Yeah, i hate the way you can not get any spots for a few days or so, get your hopes up, then have an outbreak. Really makes me just feel sick of the skin condition. :evil:

I've always thought i'd try anything once, because different things work for different people, but this sound so difficult.

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This sounds whacked to me. Sorry, but I don't buy it. Too much research has gone into the acne problem & most of it suggests that acne is not caused by food. All this crap about pinched off sebum glands due to such things as the use of moisturizer makes me laugh! It suggests we rub a fingertip of OIL into our faces instead! Yeah, right! That's just soooooo much better than a non-comodogenic moisturizer. Oh, yes, let me just run out and buy some bottled water so that I don't have to use tainted tap water to do the job...Oh, wait, that's right! Most bottled water is tap water from another part of the world anyway. OOPS! This diet is a crock! Besides, acen won't kill you, but e-coli (from the raw fish and eggs) can!

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its not all bs. the thing bout tap water is that in does have chlorine. Bottled water does not. At least its not suppose to.

also the minerals in bottled water are at a set amount.. what you get from the tap can be everything in any ammount.

why you have to eat something like 9 meals aday? cause when your only eating fruits and vegetables and a salad with olive oil you do not get all the required nutrients... at least i dont think so..

guinevere it doesn;t say anything bout raw eggs. you can hard boil an egg and eat the yolk, but i mean 5 eggs, thats alot of cholestrol.....

also, fruits and vegies are always good for you... uncle if you think you can follow this procedue, i think you should give it a try.. theres no harm, cept for buying tons of fruit, but thats good for you anyway.

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