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So i have what i would possibly call mild acne on my face w/ alot of blackheads around my nose/cheek area and forhead along w/ the little white bumps too. I do have cystic acne like one or two at a time. but i also have moderate/servere(sp)? on my chest,back,arms. can i just walk into a derma. office and tell the doc i have tried everything give me accutane? I was going to go tomorrow but just found out that they dont take my insurance so i have to look for a new one. But is that possible to tell them i want accutane god damnit and they will perscribe it to me if nothing else had worked. And my skin is dry on my face when i get out of the shower for about a half hour then it turns really oily like im sweating. just so you guys can sorta understand fully my skin type.

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Well if your acne is mild then I really doubt your derm will prescribe you Accutane. It depends, though, some derms might give you Accutane. I guess you just have to try and see what happens.

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moderate/severe bodyacne, does that mean you're breaking out in cysts there?

If so, then that should be enough for accutane. just make sure to show it to your derm of course, lol..

i've been breaking out pretty bad on my shoulders etc, and the derm didn't even mention antibiotics, he basically said accutane is the only way to go..

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