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i figure i should set forth all of my concerns regarding accutane, questions, things i may need commenting on, et cetera. i will edit for more questions as i see fit. currently, these are the more significant issues:

--i believe, knowing my skins sensitivity and how much uv's affect my marks, that i will need a moisturizer with an spf during the day; i have purpose moisturizer, with an spf of 30. how has this fared for anyone? what others do you suggest? (at night, i will be using an emu oil moisturizer with vitamin e....good shit)

--speaking more about red marks, how much more adversely affected are they by the skins sensitivity during accutane, if any at all? do they last longer? i've even heard accutane can subdue and diminish existing red marks quicker? is this true?

--and what about negating the effects of dry hair/thinning hair? should i wash my hair every day with my normal cleanser, or is there a special shampoo that's beneficial to use? how about putting conditioner in my hair every so often? taking fish oil? expound.

--is it critical that i follow the ABSOLUTELY NO PICKING rule, for it will ultimately lead to a scar?

--i take various multi-vitamins, which i plan to drop during the course of my accutane. however, i also take: zinc, flax seed oil, chromium, and copper, as well as amino acids and whey protein. is there any harm in continuing taking these? Note, i will consume, if prescribed to do so in the morning, my accutane with a whey protein shake--is this alright? (i will spread out the consumption of the aforementioned supplements through the day, starting about 2 hours after my accutane--that is if i am prescribed to take it in the morning).

--regarding the meals i should take with accutane, what are some basics many of you find effective in aiding the absorbtion of tane? i'm thinking an egg sandwhich in the morning, and something fishlike at night.

--regarding even more about meals, which vitamin a type foods should i avoid? general ones, etc.

--because i will discontinue my artillery of topicals for sensitivity's sake, i might as well try to diminish what red marks i can. for this, i have been using a hydroquinone lotion. is this acceptable to use on skin during an accutane course?

that's all i can conjure up now. i'll be starting an accutane log tomorrow with more detailed information. sorry for all the questions--i've searched with much diligence, but these are questions specific to my current situation. thanks so much if you attempt even one of these questions...i know there's a lot. later guys.

EDIT: now about working out: i've read that accutane may impede progress? how about from your guys' experience?

annnnd is it alright to use dr. dan's cortibalm habitually (or just for when your lips are severely chapped)? it's damn near tempting.

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1.) SPF 30 should be ok, make sure you keep up with it and use lotion because you will dry out

2.) Accutane does not diminish red marks quicker...it depletes your skin of essential oils and causes your skin to be very dry. Dry skin is not a positive thing when it comes to healing red marks. Just make sure you use lotion and do not do any dermabrasions or acid peels

3.) You hair may thin, it may not. It may fall out for 6 months and then stop, it may be permanent hair loss. I've been losing hair for 3 months and I dont see an end in site so beware of this. I'm only 17 and I don't want to lose my hair but it was the risk I took. There is not much you can do for your hair while on accutane; I suggest taking flax seed oil and biotin + vitamin B complex, but that may be over kill ...just be on the lookout for the first signs of it thinning/changing from straight to curly/falling out because if any of that happens, I would advise you to stop.

4.) Your skin is fragile and not what it used to be. If you have a hard time healing or you have red marks now, it is a lot easier to get red marks from accutane, especially with picking. Don't Pick.

5.) The things that you listed seem ok to me but I'm not sure about all of the vitamins/supplements you listed so get a second opinion (actually, get as many as you can). Just do NOT take vitamin A. Lay off of it with your foods as well (karrots, etc.)

6.) Things with a higher fat absorption tend to make accutane absorb better, so if you want to get accutane into your system for sure, then a meal like you listed is good for that. More than 3 eggs a day is unhealthy I believe because of cholestoral, so be careful with that.

7.) I don't know if hydroquinone is ok to use whilst on accutane. It is a bleaching agent and I don't know how it would react or if it would react at all. Do some research or get other opinions.

Let me know if you need anything else through PM because I'll probably forget about this post since I dont check this part of the forum that much.

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right on for the replies. i hope your hair can root deep and slowly re-earth itself into your scalp (pardon, but that's the imagery i get every time hair graces my thoughts. it can be some sick shit at times). from my cursory glance at your posts, i'd say we have far from a few things in common. check your pms in the near future.


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