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UPDATE: Fast Food is being sued & USDA FOOD PYRAMID is w

So, who here actually follows the current Official Food Pyramid http://www.annecollins.com/nutrition/balanced-diet.htm ?

The Vegetarian Food Pyramid http://freedietlinks.com/foodpyramid.htm ?

Or the Vegan Food Pyramid http://www.fitnessandfreebies.com/fitness/...s/veganfgp.html or http://www.nutrispeak.com/veganpyramid.htm

I certainly don't, I've always eaten what I wanted because I've always been thin. However, I definately no longer follow their reccommendation of eating 11 servings of grains a day....I don't want the breakout assocatied with that ;-)

Now, incase some of you missed the July 1 article in USA Today about the fast food industry, take a look:

"All are faced with this new reality: As concern about obesity rises, they're within a few cookie crumbs of becoming the next Big Tobacco for trial lawyers.

"You can't stop tobacco from being unhealthy," says Sam Hirsch, an attorney whose obese clients filed lawsuits against McDonald's. "But you can make food less unhealthy."

Consumer groups are screaming. Parents are steaming. Lawyers are suing. The obese are stewing. Lawmakers are threatening a "fat tax." And some analysts are giving food stocks the ax. "

" "The bottom line for the food industry is money," says William Sears, author of two books on kids and nutrition. Few products are cheaper to dump into food than sugar, so many foodmakers pour in lots, he says. "What motivates the food industry and health-minded mothers is worlds apart." "

" "We read the papers," says Rocco Papalia, senior vice president of technology at Frito-Lay. He's in charge of all new product development. So, it's no accident that Frito-Lay also plans to eliminate artery-clogging trans fatty acids from all of its products by the end of September. But none of this comes easy  nor is it easy to sell.

"It's difficult to get kids to eat something they don't want," says Papalia. "It doesn't do any good to reduce calories, fat or sodium on something nobody wants." "


Fascinating isn't it? Something that has been around for over 2 decades could have that much of an impact on our health and the way we think. Well as long as we all keep thinking that way, than I'm certain that our health will continue to decline. Because of the currect food pyramid, 90% of prepared, fast, fried, frozen, canned foods contain Trans Fatty acids and/or either Sugar or Grain derivative products that are known to boost Insulin Resistance and other health problems. Of course, w all know that Insulin Resistance leads to Heart disease, Obesity, Diabetes, and/or ACNE!

For those of you who REFUSE to believe that you can eat what you want and it plays no role on your acne, hormonal balance, or health then you should read this article. http://www.sciam.com/article.cfm?articleID...umber=1&catID=2 It explains exactly how the USDA came up with the above food pyramid and how it really didn't come from much scientific basis. Infact it even discusses, the other foods we like to argue over such as fat, dairy, and....my favorites sugar and carbohydrates. This section here discusses a bit about dairy and how it can have negative effects for some people.

"Yet another concern regarding the USDA pyramid is that it promotes overconsumption of dairy products, recommending the equivalent of two or three glasses of milk a day. This advice is usually justified by dairy's calcium content, which is believed to prevent osteoporosis and bone fractures. But the highest rates of fractures are found in countries with high dairy consumption, and large prospective studies have not shown a lower risk of fractures among those who eat plenty of dairy products. Calcium is an essential nutrient, but the requirements for bone health have probably been overstated. What is more, we cannot assume that high dairy consumption is safe: in several studies, men who consumed large amounts of dairy products experienced an increased risk of prostate cancer, and in some studies, women with high intakes had elevated rates of ovarian cancer. Although fat was initially assumed to be the responsible factor, this has not been supported in more detailed analyses. High calcium intake itself seemed most clearly related to the risk of prostate cancer. "

There's a few other negatives in susceptible individuals, however, it's too bad they forgot to mention that commercial dairy (not organic) has higher levels of Insulin-like Growth factor (IGF-1) because of the growth hormones they give to cows. Now, this has been contributed to diabetes in children, and since we know insulin some how raises androgen levels.....could this also be WHY it raises prostate cancer in men? Could this also explain why some people cleared their acne by just switching to Organic Milk?

Now, this new food pyramid http://www.hsph.harvard.edu/now/aug24/index.html that's been around since maybe 2001, may indeed be implemented in 2004. While it doesn't follow the exact same lines as some of our diets do, it is MUCH closer to what we are doing than the current one. Who knows maybe in a few more decades they will realize that Grains in general are bad for all of us too or maybe not. If nothing else, this does show that science is never exact, it is ALWAYS changing. Therefore, knowledge is POWER so please arm yourself with MORE of it ;-)

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Guest fatman_uk

One thing i don't get is WHY people can sue companies like MacDonalds for their obesity.

It aint MD's problem that the fat, lazy mutherphuckers can't be arsed buying healthier things from another outlet, or even MAKING their own dinner... sheesh, if they even bothered cookin it'd burn off a few of their calories.

That kinda law really phucks me off, it's a load of shite.

Maybe i should sue Helly Hansen coz when i wear my HH shorts in the gym i'm sumtimes cold... ya know... like it's his fault. #-o


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LOL you are RIGHT about that, but here's the catch.

Is it easier to eat healthier or poorly?

Is it more affordable to eat healthier/organic than poorly?

It isn't.

That's the problem. Laziness is one thing, but the lack of available foods that are HEALTHIER and affordable is the other. =(

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Ya and im gunna sue the knife company that i cut myself with, and the bike company of the bike I fell of off 8 years ago, and my mother , and your mother.........Come on america i think Lawers should be sued. especialy Fat lawers

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