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Sensitive Skin Suggestions

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Hey guys,

I started the regimen about 3 months ago. I did exactly what the regimen said. I used a lightly foaming cream cleanser, the BP gel, and a normal night/day cream. My skin didn't take to it too well though and it began peeling profusely and I looked all wrinkly. I would even LATHER on moisturizer every morning and it just clumped up with all the extra skin. On top of that my skin became very discolored, with dark patches of burned skin. So... with the encouragement of all my co-workers, I stopped using the gel. I figured that my acne wasn't even THAT bad to begin with to have to deal with all these side effects of the product. So I left the BP gel in the medicine cabinet to rot until I had my next break out about a couple weeks later, but with modifications.

1. I use BP only at night.

It's been three weeks since I've begun doing this, and it's working great. My acne is slowly disappearing and although there is a slight peeling of the skin, but not as bad as before. I think this would be a good suggestion for those with extra sensitive skin with acne, like mine.

2. Do not RUB your skin at all while applying BP.

I guess Dan suggested this strongly when showing how to use the regimen in his tapes. Rubbing REALLY irritated my skin and promoted peeling, scarring, and redness. Just make gentle strokes.

3. Deep wrinkles

The first week I began this modified regimen, I woke up one morning to see these really deep wrinkles on the side of my eye (crow's feet) as well as a longer, deeper fold at the eye. It freaked me out. My eyes looked disfigured and it looked like it was permanent (it was REALLY that deep). I went out and got a good eye cream and after a couple of days of using it, VOILA! They were gone. So don't freak out too much about eye wrinkles, just make sure you moisturize them with an eye cream.

Make sure that you put the eye cream on before the BP gel, like others have suggested. Otherwise the BP can get rubbed into your eye when you're putting on your moisturizer. If you don't want to buy eye cream, use moisturizer. For those that have gotten little bumps in the skin under the eye or the eye-lid, it is probably caused by the thick cream that is clogging the pores (since the skin there is a lot thinner than the rest of your face). Make sure you use a good moisturizing cream, but not something comedogenic or too thick that may cause these bumps ("milia").

If you forget to put the eye cream on before the BP (like me), just use a DIFFERENT FINGER to apply the eye cream and dodge any areas with BP that are close to the eye area to provent mixing.

4. Brown burned skin patches

After my first attempt at the regimen, I was absolutely horrified. My skin had patches of literally 10 different tones and colors. I looked like a Picasso painting. Anyways, I ran out and got a generic glycolic acid face cream (8%). Those burned skin patches are dead skin cells lurking around. I REALLY wouldn't suggest scrubing it off with a wash cloth or abrasive because it may cause even more discoloration and patches. So instead, use the glycolic acid. Glycolic acid dissolves the glue that holds the dead skin cells together, which means that your healthy skin underneath remains safe (unlike scrubes and rubbing). I used it overnight and washed it off in the morning... I actually felt a bunch of dead skin being washed off in the morning and I looked normal again! Make sure that it is non-comedogenic.

You'll probably notice that your BP gel and moisturizer will absorb a lot easier after doing this. Just make sure you do NOT use creams with a HIGH % of glycolic acid. It IS an acid, after all, and can BURN your skin so do not use more than the cream directions state. So I would suggest to research glycolic acid creams a lot to find the best one for you and also SPOT test before using it all over your face.

After hearing that the highly recommended eucerin cream has been discontinued, this seems like the only alternative. There is also alpha hydrox. Anyhow, I do this probably only once every week or two.


So far, so good. These are only suggestions, though and if Dan's regimen is working for you (seems like it is for 99% of the people out there), more power to you. But if you are getting frustrated/devastated/depressed about how the regimen is working out for you, maybe try a few of these things that worked for me. :-)

Good luck

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