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DAMN! im frustated!

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Hi everyone!

I just saw the link to this board and i found it very intresting and helpful.

About me:

I´m 16 years old, male, i have acne since i´m 13 and i´m living in germany.My acne is certainly coming form my father(genes).I do play basketball every day 2h and do strengthtraining with weights 2 times per week in season and 3-4 times in off-season.(maybe to much sports???) I went from one doc to another but no product really helped. I even used antibiotics once with 15, but the outbrakes kept coming. The supplements I use are(not only for acne, for strength too)50mg of Zinc,Multivitamin,Fishoilcapsules,Glutamine,Creatine, I eat lots of protein.

For my face i use Benzoylperoxid and Tee tree oil as a cleanser and Neostrata gel (contains aqua,alcohol denat.,glycolic acid,propylene glycol,ammonium hydroxide,polyquaternium-10,tetrasodium EDTA)

as a gel for skin 2x daily. I use this mask for oily skin from "origins" to clean my pores.

My big problem is that my skin never got really better, I just want to have this beautiful clean skin!

I was a beautiful child but as i got 13 i was like (i dont wanna see anybody)

How can my acne be cured???? My sister who is at the age of 28 now had severe acne too she used accutane once at the age of 16 and she said it was the only product that really helped her .She said she had a new skin( baby face) and she had only mild outbreaks after 1-2 years.

Do i need moisturez or toners????

I hope you can help me!



PS: I just ordered a bottle of XIAN, its 100% natural herb and it says that 93 % of the tester´s acne were cured. will it help me?You can go to www.acne.bz

I orderd Devina´s choice mask too (should be very good!-> www.preeventacne.com

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what was this soap you used in your video to wash your face?And do you use bp on your spots and then wait and then moisturizer?

PS: ihave severe acne!

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Has anybody tried that xian...?

It looks promising... BTW, how many pills per bottle?


I don´t know how many pills 1 bottle has, i will tell you soon!

Ye, it looks really promising!

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I believe that you've read the site, but I don't think you've read it well, nor do I think you've actually followed the regimen from your comments.

My best advice is to re-read it carefully and print it out. Then follow it closely. All the information you need is on the site. Also watch http://www.acne.org/video.html

Try the regimen as outlined for a month or two and if it has not helped, see a doctor and inquire about other treatments. You don't have to live with severe acne. Personally, accutane was the only thing to work on my severe acne.


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You were right!

I havent read it carefully!

I will try this along with XIAN and Devinaschoice mask , i hope i will see good results!

Very good page!


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i have a problem dan!

U know i live in germany and you listed that other site that has the products too,but this site doesnt ship to germany for some reason.What should i do?

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finally I´ve found them!

i did research all day long!and this site ships really to every country!


maybe you put this link to your site too?

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Do not use it with a mask or any other additional product for that matter. Wait to add in other variables until after you are clear. Follow it exactly as outlined. Again, read it carefully, and follow it precisely. To a T. Exactly. Nothing added in, nothing taken away. Give it 1-2 months and you should be nicely cleared up.


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