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if you use Retin A micro, how much do you use?

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They say to only apply a pea-sized amount to your whole face, but that does not seem like enough at all for me.I dont even feel like im getting it spread over my whole face.

Do you use the recommened size or do you use more? thanks

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I use more than the pea sized amount. It doesn't spread very easily so I don't see how a pea sized amount is enough. I just make sure that I don't go over areas I already put it on since a thin coat is plenty. If my face gets dry from this occasionally, I will put clindamycin lotion on in the morning or cetaphil moisturizer for sensitive skin and that helps. However, my face is usually not dry using more than a pea sized amount and is very clear from the retin a micro. I love it.

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thats good to hear. Few quesionts i got for you if you would be so kind to asnswer.

1.) How long (weeks) did it take so start seeing results?

2.) What type of skin do you have? Oily, dry, etc?

3.) Did your skin get dry when your first started using it?

Cause right now, i am ending my first week and my skin is REAL dry. I have sensitive skin. i am using cetaphil gentle cleanser and cetaphil chronic dry skin mostirzer in the morning, but my skin is still dry. So dry, it kinda burns when i first put on mostrizer.

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I saw results very quickly, maybe 2 or 3 weeks. I've been on it for about a year so I can't remember that well but I've been pretty clear for a long time now with it. I have combination skin, much more dry than oily and very very sensitive. I didn't get as dry as you are when I started taking it but maybe that is because I had been using Tazorac before the Retin A Micro which is supposedly a little bit stronger. When my face does get some dry patches I use cetaphil sensitive skin lotion and that makes it feel better. Hope this helps. :evil:

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thanks for the replys guys. My skin hasnt been as dry the last couple of days. Im gonna stick it out using retin a micro another week. if my skin is still breaking out more and seems to be dry and flaky, i will reduce to using it every other day to see if that helps.

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