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asperin mask

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BecauSe i really dont want to use ebay to get glycolic acid, im going to rely on the asperin mask that i have heard so much about.

Who here has used it?

How many pills of uncoated asperin do i use?

Has it worked?

Why would asperin even work in the first place?

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Guest james11

Mate SA is not an anti-inflammatory. Inflammation is an immune response, not just blood coming to the surface. The body sends out several things to combat the injured/affected cells/area.

Salicylic Acid breaks down dead skin cells on a cellular level, it's a form of exfoliation.

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Guest james11

Yeah but Aspirin thins blood when taken orally. We're talking topical application. I don't know how the SA is going to thin out supposed excess levels of blood on the skin?? If you had dry blood it would wash it off, but inflammation under the skin just being blood and the SA calming it down. I'm struggling to make sense of that, but it could just be me!

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Anyone has the link to the aspirin mask original thread? Where it shows the steps etc..

I just bought aspirin, not which if it's the right one though, and thinking to give this thing a try.

It says Brand of Acetylsalicylic Acid Tablets USP Aspirin

Btw how do I know if it's uncoated or not?

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Well, the bottom left, or bottom right of the box, should say it or not.

The ones I used were Micro-coated. :) Wasn't a problem, they still dissolved easily with just a few drops of water. TRy using the search feature to find the aspirin thread.

Hm... I read the box around 4-5 times and cant spot the word "coat"..

Assuming it's coated, so I just take a few drops of water, pour over 3-4 tablest and then crush them to become a powder. Then I apply them to my whole face or just the marks? And for how long?

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I read about this in Elle or someplace. It isn't a miracle cure, just a cheap and easy salicylic acid source (good for exfoliation). On the other hand, considering how much I've spent on my skin in the past year, there's nothing wrong with cheap and easy.


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