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Accutane and Tylenol cold

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Hey guys, so I though I would check to make sure before I took the medication. I can feel myself comming down with a cold and I have tylenol cold medicin but Im not sure if it is safe to take or not because I know how regular tylenol can be damaging to your liver. Any thoughts on this, I cant stand being sick.

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I would be leary of mixing Tylenol and Accutane personally, since a liver damaging dose of the active ingredient is only a little more than the standard daily dose. If you are very careful with the dosing, take exactly what the packaging indicates or a little less, you should be fine, but i'd use an ibuprofin-based product (like an Advil cold medicine) instead.

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best way to find out is to call your derm. My derm told me that normal painkillers like tylenol were fine to take with accutane.

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Ibuprofin is much worse..its an asprin derivative. Asprin is the main liver destroyer. How do i know this? i knew a guy in high school who overdosed on tylenol, the doctors made him drink charcol but weren't really worried. They were freaked at first when they thought he'd taken asprin.

Tylenol should be safe but talk to a pharmacist about the interactions.

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