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How long should I use Glycolic acid for?

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Im thinking of going out today and buying 30% glyocolic acid.

Does this really work on red marks?

How many weeks should i try it for?

Should I use it on a small part of my face to make sure there are no horrific side affects?

Are there any other reccomendations?

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go ahead and try it. as far as i know there are no side effects except for the minor redness. i havent been doing it for long so i cant tell if its working yet. so far i've done 2 peels at 30% which is weak "for me"...notice i put parenthesis around that cuz everyones skin is different and therefore can tolerate different percentage. g/l

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Well im going to assume my face could handle stronger %.

I was able to use the strongest retin-a with no side affects lol

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Do patch test under your year to make sure you are not allergic to the glycolic acid.

I would two 2 full sessions, meaning:

You do 6 peels, one peel a week, meaning 6 weeks

Take a 2 week break

Do another 6 peels, one peel a weak, meaning 6 weeks

Go with 30% or 40%.

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