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Hairloss on Roaccutane

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i have a lot of hairloss, finished accutane over 3 months ago...it only got bad when i finished. I heard that it happens so i'm just gonna wait it out..

some people experience hairloss and some don't while on tane

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Not usually bald patches as such, just less of it overall (thinning).

Mine begun to thin quite significantly a few weeks ago. If I run my finger through my hair in the shower then about 5 or 6 hairs come off. I'm about 3/4 of the way through my course now so I'm hoping that it'll grow back when I stop in a month and a half. Some people's hair never quite recovers though.

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Here's a copy of my last full answer.

Accutane can cause a type of temporary hair loss called telogen effluvium. Normally, hairs cycle in and out of the growth phase, and old hairs that have stopped growing fall out when new hairs push them out of the follicle, or when they are removed by force - say, a hair brush. While on Accutane, your body is stressed. Your body may decide that it has better things to do than grow new hair, and it will allow more hairs than normal to remain in the "resting" phase as it diverts resources to deal with the effects of Accutane. So, many more hairs are resting, which means many more hairs fall out when you wash your hair or brush it or whatever. When you stop Accutane and your body can return to normal and many of those hairs start growing again it will push many inactive hairs out of the follicles, resulting in lots of hair just falling out. This is when people freak out and it's ironic because it happens when the hair has begun to grow again. The hair returns to normal, but it may take a while until all the hairs that would normally be active are again, and have grown long enough to contribute to the feeling of fullness.
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