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girls, has anyone else experianced this

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so i was on diane 35 for about 3 years which cleared my skin up alot but then i went off it atleast 6 months ago and everything was fine, skin stayed the same but now its starting to get worse, like my pink marks are worse and theres more and my pores are clogging up alot and im getting pimples again.

so is it possible that after u go off it it takes a while for ur hormones or whaterver to kick in again and start breaking out again or does it pretty much happen alot sooner?

i mean i dont know what else it could be.

have any of u girls have had this happen and gone back on it and it cleared again?

im freaking out now, ive just ordered the pill again today but i really dont want to have to go back on it again but i will if it will clear my skin again.

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Yes, after you've been on it for a significant time, it takes your body a while to start making hormones normally again. It will probably clear you again (after an initial breakout), but you should consider a different brand - Diane35 carries a much higher risk of blood clots (4 times higher if i recall correctly) than other brands of BC.

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I was on orhtotriclclen lo. My face was clear. I went off of it in May and for the last 2 weeks my skin is breaking out left and right!

I never thought it could be from the pill.

Thanks for posting this. I think I just figured out my problem!

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