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Excision for chicken-pox scarring

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I saw the Doc on the 20th and he seemed to believe that subcision and fillers would be pretty much pointless on my type of scarring. Chicken pox scars, being so deep into the skin are not raised easily and cannot regenerate as easily as some pitted acne scarring can. Seeing as a small chunk of flesh has pretty much been removed by infection - it will not grow back and cannot be 'raised' by subcision.

So he suggested I get excision done on my scars and have 5 of them excised and stitched. He said there was no need for an inside stich as they are not large enought to warrant an inside stich, just three or four stitches on the outside of the incision.

Apparently this will leave me with flat small scars that will be less visible and coverable with make-up.

Does anyone have any advice about this procedure ... I've read through the threads here by doing a search on excision and all of them were about punch grafting. This Doc has not suggested punch grafts just cutting out the scar and stitching it.

Any advice would be welcome.


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if you want to ecside your scars i do suggest you do consult a plastic surgeon not a dermatologist. Some excision coz the stiches to tore apart coz there is no inside stich suported in skin. I was excise last april my scars got wider it is because after 14 hours of operation the stiches tore apart . The beldding last for 5 long hours..I think that doctor was a dermatologist...

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