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Quick Lemon Water Question

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Alright, so most of my acne is finally dieing down but alot of ugly red marks are remaining :(

So Im doing pretty much everything I can to get rid of them including drinking Lemon Water. I went out tonight and bought a Gallon Jug of Ice Mountain water and 6 Lemons. I squeezed 5 of the lemons into the jug of water, its One Gallon of water. I was planning on putting it in the fridge and dirnking it over a day or two.

Is that to many lemons for a gallon? Or is it to few or would you say its about right? I heard a half a lemon per glass is about right but not sure.


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seriously to the guys (cant say if this affects the women like this as well) but when i first started to drink lemon water i was squeezing a whole lemon into a pint of water and drinking 2 of these a day. the result after 2 days was like i was pissing razor blades. i stopped drinking it and it went away. now i just squeezing a good slice into the water and end up drinking about 2 lemons over a whole day. i think large quanites arent good for the bladder

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Guest pokerbugg

u think its bad to add some sweet n low to it and make limeanade or lemonade ...

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I would not use sweet n' low only becuase its bad for you...I'll find a link that says why...... I use "Stevia" its all natural and I have not found anything bad about it, you can get it at a health food store



anyway this is only just some of the info that I found. It looks like if you just have a little bit of artifial sweeteners you'll be ok......

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