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Whats up everyone !

New to the board and this seems like a good place to introduce myself. My names Greg, and im 21. Im from florida and I like to surf , fish, and party!.

Iv had cyst acne it for atleast 2+ years, but always figured it would go away as I got older. I found the more obsessed I became with my face, the worse I would feel so I just didnt worry about it. Its very hard to have this attitued because you know damn well that its there and people can see it, but you cant help its there (not imediately at least), so you cant worry about it. Everyones a critique, but you are most cirtical to yourself. And the truth is I rarely meet people that comment good or bad about my face except for myself and my family. This tells me that even if people have a negative opinion about me (or my face), there still going to treat me like a normal person.

Recently I asked my mom to put me on her insurance so I could get a a cut checked out where I cut my leg on a rock while surfing. It was kinda infectedand the doctor gave me 5 stiches. I also recieved a physical and the doc told me I should have my acne checked by a derm telling me it was pritty severe. I have been developing large sometimes interconnecting cysts on my cheeks and neck so I went the the derm for the first time. She told me I should start Accutane for 20wks and gave me a blue booklet to read. I came to this site to find more info and look at peoples experiences with Accutane.

I have to get bloodwork done and my next appt is sept 20. Im anxious to get this started because its such a long treatment, so i think i might try to get in earlier. Anyway Ill start a log when I do start it, but im detirmined to keep the attitued I have now, and spread the good karma around.

any other gulf/east coast surfers around? How about panama going OFF!!!!!!

IPB Image

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