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Hey guys, Im new to the boards and just thought Id post some stuff about myself first. Anyways, throughtout highschool I didnt have bad acne until Senior year. Senior year I didnt do much to stop it or help, rarely ever washed my face and it was just bad.

Around Freshman year of college, last year I started to see a Dermatologist. I tryed lots of topicals and other things but nothing worked until around two months ago she put me on minocycline.

I was on 75mg twice a day for a long time but now am on 100mg once a day. Here is my basic regime.



-Wash with cetaphil gentle clenser in shower

-Wash with BP 8.5%


I take 2 tablets of 1,000MG Vitamin C supplements every day and 1 Tablet of 60MG of Zinc supplements every other day

I also take 1 100MG tablet of minocycline once a day around noon.

Excercise for at least 30-60 mins everyday


-Wash with cetaphil gently cleanser in shower

-Wash with BP 8.5%



My skin has improved alot from a year ago, not nearly as many big swollen looking zits or pimples and I dont break out nearly as much anymore. There are still alot of red marks that are bugging me and its very depresing.

As you can see from my scars I used to pick alot, I dont anymore but I still have some pretty bad scarring from them, scarring doesnt really bother me as it can be fixed and mine isnt terrible but the redness of the leftover acne and the small pimples that do still show up kill me. I am very depressed about this, I used to have alot of self confidence but its all pretty much been going down cause of this now.

Anyways I see my Dermatologist this Friday again and Im going to discuss some things with her, mostly scarring and the red marks.

Anyways what you guys think? Any advice or words of encouragement? I could really use some....thanks! :D

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