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Some background information: 19 yo male & 175 pnds, have had minor to moderate acne on face, chest, and back for about 5 years.

I started using a generic form of Accutane (Sotret) almost exactly 5 months ago. Prior to that I was constantly watching my diet (per Jade's advice,) drinking liters of water, and taking tons of supplements & herbs to keep my active acne under control.

Those mesaures did work, to a certain extent. But it was to time consuming and stressful to maintain that sort of lifestyle while going to school, playing sports, and being involved with a girlfriend & family.

First of all, let me say that accutane has cleared me nearly 100%. I am extremely pleased with the results of this medication, but this outcome didn't come without any negatives.

There were quite a few side effects which I will list for you right now:

-very, very dry lips

-dry skin around neck, mouth, and nose

-insides of nose have bascially been raw throughout the whole cycle

-weird rashes on back, arms, and neck

-you absolutly can not go out in the sun with out sunscreen or you will be unbelievably dry

-night vision was definatly affected

-it's always hard to judge mood changes, but I believe that my mood was affected in a negative way through the whole course

-some headaches

-dry eyes

-a noticable initial break out during the first month for 2 weeks

Those were all of the side effects that I had/experienced during my 5 month course of Tane. As I stated before, the outcome is great and worth the 5 months of side effects. I just wanted to give some information to the people who are considering Accutane as a possible way to rid themselves of acne.

I just hope that after I come off, the acne will stay away so I don't have to do another cycle. Anyways, good luck with the choice that you make.

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Congratulations! Try not to stress about worrying if it'll come back or not, just go out and live your life acne free! i also did the extreme diet and water and vitamins, and it helped alot, but I couldn't stand livin life worrying about whether or not I'm going to break out if I eat a piece of bread. So I have just started my 3rd month of accutane and for all you thinkin about it, dont waste your time on antibiotics if acne is effecting you too much. God bless..

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No actually, accutane didn't leave me any red marks. I am not a picker though, so that I am sure attributed to my good luck in that department. Pre accutane: I had white heads around my face and neck, with the occasional cyst once in a while. I had whiteheads and some cysts on my back and I had moderatly oily skin.

Yeah, I am not gonna worry about what may or may not happen. For now though, I am done with my fifth month of 40mg morning and 40mg evening every day cycle of Tane. I am going to take on 40mg pill every evening for the next two months, to slowly ween off of it.

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