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Hi guys,

Does anyone have any expirience with Vitamin B5 or Zinc? If so, which is better and how well do they work? I've seen the reviews about them, i just thought i would try zinc before I tried B5. How good is zinc???


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I've been using B5 for about 2.5 weeks and it really does seem to be helping. I also use zinc at the same time. I know a lot of people on here don't think B5 works but it is for me so give it a go. I use B5 powder and have 2.5 grams 4 timesa day. Try and eat something before you take it though as it can cause stomach cramping on an empty stomach. You should also take a vitamin B complex with it as taking so huge amounts of B5 can make you deficient in the other B vitamins. Take Biotin as well as that is meant to increase B5s effectiveness.

I take a vitamin B complex in the morning with my first 2.5 grams and zinc a 15 mg zinc tablet and then another 2.5 grams of B5 with lunch. Another 2.5 grams of B5, a biotin 1000 tablet an another zinc tablet with dinner then the last 2.5 grams of B5 before bed with another zinc tablet and Ester C which is a good antioxidant and helps your skin produce more collagen.

It works for me but I've found I have to be strict with it and not skip anything. Good luck!

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