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Stevo Mac

How easy is it to get Roaccutane in UK?

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Just wondering how easy it is to get a doctor to prescribe it? Im taking antibiotics just now so I know the spots will eventually come back. When this happens, can I just ask the doctor and he'll put me on it? Or do I have to be tested(blood etc)? And if he agrees, how long do I have to wait until I can start? Cheers peeps

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not sure after being on oxytetrocycline for 2 years and 2 months of minocycline, my doc's given me another 2 months of mino and if my face is still breaking out he suggests I try roaccutane 8-[ - my acne is very mild at most and my face is VERY clear however I'm aware new ones will come it's only matter of time, my doc understands this so guess that's why he suggested it. Mentioned something about going to hospital to get it perscribed? Take it that's for blood testing etc.

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let me tell you something guys

the doctors here in the UK are only allowed to prescribed 7 courses of Accutane on the NHS per year. yes 7

It will be very hard for you to get it unless you have severely bad acne, thats what they save it for

unless your a "SUITABLE CANDIDATE" your not likely to get it on the NHS, but im sure they'd be more than happy to give it to you privatly, which would mean youd have to pay something like £60 per tablet


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:-s no way... is that 7 per doctor or 7 in for all the doctors put together? Cause that sux I'm not paying more than £6 for a prescription but on the other hand if I go on it I don't want to be getting it free when say someone has it worse than me and has to pay alot for it.

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well its 7 per hospital...


i know it sucks

you will be a fit candidate for accutane IF:

1. you have severe acne


2. You dont have severe acne but the acne you do have is presistant and hasnt responded to any other treatment and is giving you emotional problems, ie depression

good luck in trying to persuade ur doctor, give it a go

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