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new 2 the board-just got on accutane

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hey all hows it going. i am new to the board but have lurked in the past for information and advice. i just started accutane tonight (20mg capsules - 2 a day) and have considerably mild cystic acne. it took me alot of convincing to get my doctor to prescribe it, but i had informed her ive tried basically everything under the sun with no success. im a 20 year old male who was just fed up with having to let my acne control my life. if i posted pics people on here would probably say i definitely shouldn't be on accutane but i am willing to risk the side effects for clear skin. i just cant take it anymore.

so to my questions; i already have aquaphor for the dry lips....but as far as daily regimen goes, what should i wash with? im using proactiv now but i figure a BP wash will be too drying in addition to the accutane? also what is a good facial moisturizer?......any tips or advice will be greatly appreciated...hope this all goes welll..thanks for any responses.

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I'm also on accutane. As for a cleanser, I'm 100% for Pears bar soap. Simple, probably 100 year olds company, and works awsome! It's very easy on your skin, and anyone who's tried it, keeps using it. Expect to pay more for it than other soaps, but it's well worth it as it's probably the purest recipe out there.

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