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Been prescribed Zineryt, and...

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I've just been prescbribed the topical antibiotic Zineryt to use in conjunction with Minocycline. The minocycline, after about 8 months, is becoming decreasingly effective, or so it seems.

Anyone had any experience with Zineryt, and should I use it with Benzoyl Peroxide. Should I moisteurise after application?

On a slightly tangential note, I'm very close to now stopping Minocycline and beginning a course on one of the other Tetracyclines. If I was to do this, is it likely that I'd notice an initially bad decline in my skin following the transition, or should things remain similar and then become better?

I ask because obviously there's a delay between when you first start an antibiotic and then it's noticeable effects. By moving straight on to a new tetracycline, it doesn't give the skin a chance to get bad again, does it?

Anyway, thanks for reading.

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dude, all i can say is that stuffs awesome, if and while it works, just had 6 months of zineryt effectiveness and ive had completely clear skin all that time, been able to not worry about what i eat or how i wash its been amazing, i could wake up and expect 2 see a fresh face ther every morning, however recently the resistance kicked in and im on my way bak 2 square 1 again so i cant stress enough BE PREPARED as soon as u think the resistance is kicking in ask ur doctor about alternatives, obviously even with zineryt u get the odd white head from time 2 ttime but nothing major, so i thought they would just go away but they didnt and i was ignorant and didnt realise a resistance built up eusa_wall.gif apparently it works again if you give ur skin a months break, nt sure yet as ive only been off it about a week but my skin is terrible, started using bp but its dried my face to a desert sandal. anyway just watch out for that resistance, the come down is awful, im in my third week of uni and my second month with my awesome girlfriend, a time wen u need 2 be confident about ur appearance, gayyyy, anyway i started using it morning and night as instructed but once i was clear i changed 2 just evenings, its cool onec ur clear as u can skip a night and ull be fine n e way, anyway im gna get an appointment 2 see what else is available, even if its only 2cover this month until that stuffs effective again. remember its only temporary, and i cant guarantee itll work but it worked wonders for me, awesome stuff, reviews all say pretty much the same thing 2 which is promising, any way wish me lukfinding a new antibiotic,

good luck with zineryt, if it works, enjoy the hell out of it and be prepared for the resistance

good luck mate

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