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antibiotic question.

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i was just thinking.

i'm on minocycline, and i was wondering if this treatment (or any other antibiotic treatment... or ANY acne treatment, for that matter) is actually postponing "growing out" of acne.

put another way, since antibiotics in the long term make bacteria stronger, is there a chance that i might actually PROLONG the amount of time i will have acne, as opposed to if i did not treat my acne at all?

i can't help thinking about what my face would look like now if i NEVER took any action to combat acne. would it look better or worse? i'm not sure.

i'm just worried that all this harsh treatment of my face will prolong the amount of time i have to deal with acne or *GULP* mean i might be dealing with acne the rest of my life.

any thoughts? or does this just seem completely counter-intuitive?

hugs and kisses.

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no it doesn't postpone anything.

stick on the minocyn, i was on antibiotics for three straight years, and my acne is goin at the age of 20, thats kinda average.

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I think your theory seems sound...

Antibiotic resistance creates a lot of problems - look at all of the crazy mutations of certain bacteria and diseases.

I hope you are wrong, but who knows? Drug companies will NEVER admit to any of it. I just started working on some of the multi-district litigation against pharmaceutical companies for certain drugs (NOT ACCUTANE, so retract the claws, guys!) and these companies are pulling some SHADY shit.

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