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i know how to dry up this stuff fast!

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Ok, first you take one cup of pure water, and add 1/2 cup of bleached white flour. Mix until all lumps are out. Then add 1/4 cup of finely ground salt. Mix for 3 minutes with electic mixer or 5 minutes by hand. It mixture seems too thick, add more water (it should be like cake batter) Put a thin layer on affected area and let dry completely . (it could take up to a half hour) Then you simply take a shower to wash it off. The salt and the flour will dry everything up if you do this every other day, twice a day. If you want to be cautious, test a small area for sensitivity. And most of all, use only water when washing it off dont use soap.

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ok, pure water, like evian or dasani, then mix half cup flour, salt then mix well, like cake batter, put on skin 2 times a day every other day? work for you? I am trying to find something that will dry up zits on my neck fast and get rid of them. thats where I break if I eat nuts or pork. how long does it take to go away? thanks, any tips would be appreciated.

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hey sokeefee32, could you please answer my questions? I would really like to start this and need these answers fast. Thanks, elfgirl

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Salt works just as well on its own, just mix it in hot water and apply with a cotton ball. I'll have to try adding flour, cant say ive experimented with that before.

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